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Program Announcements

Sep 14, 2021: A major lecture series on race and regulation, organized by PPR, will be held at the University of Pennsylvania throughout the 2021-22 academic year.

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Cary Coglianese

May 25, 2021: In a new peer-reviewed article, PPR’s Director, Professor Cary Coglianese, analyzes the prospects for using soft law to achieve environmental regulatory goals. 

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Editorial Board

May 17, 2021: PPR celebrates The Regulatory Review’s 2020-21 Editorial Board with a retrospective look at their accomplishments.

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Executive Education

Feb 21, 2021: Registration is now open for Penn Law’s executive education certificate program in Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making, coming up in May 2021.

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Deregulatory Deceptions

Nov 2, 2020: A new PPR report examines President Donald Trump’s claims of deregulatory successes and finds them wanting.

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PPR Affiliates in the News

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